Hear Test

Are you in need of hearing testing near you? Our newly renovated center OccMed center provides us with the best space to give you the best service.

Hearing Testing

Hearing Test

Our Audiometry Exam is performed by experts to determine if you have experienced hearing loss or any other issue for/from employment.

Audiometry Equipment

An audiometer is used to generate pure-tone sounds of various frequencies and intensities. You will wear headphones for the exam.

Safety & Compliance

We help you stay compliant. Contact us in New Bedford, MA for more information on our other health and safety services.

Audiometric Testing

Hey, did you hear about audiometric testing? It’s pretty important because it checks your hearing and makes sure you don’t have any issues. Basically, they test how well you hear different sounds and frequencies, from the really low ones to the really high ones. Plus, it helps to figure out if you have hearing loss and how bad it is. There are lots of reasons why someone might have hearing loss, like getting older, being around loud noises too much, or even something genetic. If you don’t get your hearing checked out, it can cause a lot of problems, like having trouble communicating with people or feeling like you’re all alone. But if you catch hearing loss early on, you can start treatment and feel better. So, it’s definitely worth getting an audiometric test to keep your hearing in tip-top shape!

Fairhaven Occupational Health Services:

Hearing Centers Near Me

Fairhaven Occupational Health Services is a trusted provider of hearing testing and audiometry testing in Fairhaven, MA. Our team of certified audiologists and hearing specialists uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide accurate and reliable hearing assessments for employees in various industries. With a commitment to delivering personalized and professional services to their clients, Fairhaven Occupational Health Services ensures that each individual receives the care and attention you need to protect their hearing health. For businesses searching for “Hearing Centers Near Me,” Fairhaven Occupational Health Services offers a convenient and accessible location, making it easy for employees to undergo regular hear tests. By working with us, businesses can take proactive measures to safeguard their employees’ hearing health and meet compliance requirements for hearing conservation programs. Let Fairhaven Occupational Health Services be your trusted partner in preserving the wellbeing of your workforce!

Audiometry Test Clinic​ in New Bedford, MA

You can rely on Fairhaven Occupational Health Services for Hear Tests for your workers. We have recently renovated our office and we are the right place to go to for audiometry exams!

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Dr. Brian Bowcock has been servicing the New Bedford area in Massachusetts for many years and is qualified to take care of you.

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We have emergency and after hours available, just give us a call. We strive to give you the best service possible.

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