$80 DOT & Non-DOT Physicals

Stay compliant with FMCSA guidelines or your employment requirements by getting a quick DOT physical at Fairhaven Occupational Health Services by our Certified Medical Examiner.

These exams are required by your employer and the United States government to ensure that you are in good health.

What you need to know for your DOT exam

Bring to your DOT exam

  • Driver’s License
  • Previous DOT card (if already certified)
  • $80 Per Exam
  • Medical Information

Components of your DOT exam

DOT exams are like routine physicals and include organ and kidney function tests. They also include a review of your health history. At this time, DOT physical exams do not include alcohol or drug tests, although your employer may require them. We offer affordable, quick DOT physical exams. Dr. Brian K. Bowcock, D.C. is a certified medical examiner for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Call us at 508-997-3600 to schedule your DOT physical exam today. 

Helpful DOT Info

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Truck Parking

We have ample parking available, with a large parking lot across the street to meet your needs.

Certified Medical Examiner

Dr. Brian Bowcock has been servicing the New Bedford area in Massachusetts for many years and is qualified to take care of you.

Back on the road

We focus on promptness of service, and work around your schedule to make sure you are back on the road in no time.

You should get your DOT physical at Fairhaven Occupational Health Services is because time is money and we are driver friendly. We make remarkable accommodations for appointments so that drivers do not waste their valuable time. There is ample parking and friendly staff to quickly and effectively take care of your needs and get you back to work.

DOT physicals are examinations that are mandated with emphasis on safety and safe driving. If you drive a commercial vehicle and you need a DOT exam Fairhaven Occupational Health Services will provide that exam for you at a reasonable cost, in a timely manner with emphasis on safety of the driver and the driving public.

The state and federal governments have set down rules and regulations for commercial drivers so that commercial vehicles can be operated safely and to protect the safety of the driving public. As a certified medical examiner I am aware of the rules of the road as mandated by government as well as the government’s desire to allow commercial drivers to operate their vehicles in the safest way possible.

A DOT physical is a comprehensive evaluation by a certified medical examiner of the commercial driver including urinalysis, eye exam, hearing test, review of comprehensive medical history and ability of the commercial driver to perform the necessary tasks to operate a commercial vehicle safely.

Your examiner will perform the following:

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